Van driver who knocked down shopper in the precinct car park is fined

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A VAN driver who knocked down a shopper in a car park and did not report the accident has been fined £2,000 and banned from driving for two months.

Joao Micael De Abreu Santos was driving out of the car park in front of the shops in Les Quennevais Parade on 15 September when he hit a man who had just left the butcher’s shop, the Magistrate’s Court heard yesterday. St Brelade Centenier Amanda Wright told the court: ‘The victim saw the vehicle coming towards him very fast, heading towards the car park exit. He thought the driver was going to stop but he saw him looking to the left and realized he was going to get hit.’The Isuzu van struck him on the right leg and made him spin round and fall, injuring his arm, leg, and buttock.‘He described himself as near the front wheel,’ Mrs. Wright said. Santos did stop and speak to the victim but seemed to believe he was unhurt and drove off.

An ambulance and the police were called and the victim later said his pain level on a scale of one to ten was around four. ‘He still has soreness in his knee,’ she said. Santos (31) admitted the charges of careless driving and failing to report an accident. Advocate Rui Tremoceiro, defending, suggested the accident was down to a momentary lapse of concentration’, and suggested a fine but no driving ban. He pointed out that when the police spoke to Santos they found that he had insurance and had not been drinking alcohol. The advocate added that during the police interview Santos ‘broke down several times when the victim was mentioned’.Advocate Tremoceiro added:‘He was clearly upset. His remorse is undeniable.’Relief Magistrate David Le Cornu imposed an £800 fine for careless driving and an additional £1,200 fine for failing to report an accident. He accepted it was ‘an unusual case’, but told Santos: ‘It was your duty to remain at the scene. I cannot avoid a disqualification.’

Post Date: December 9, 2022
Author: Wantedman7